Quotes from the film:


          “The amount of legal work done in the courts is enormous. It's all being done by one man on foot, going from building to building in Norfolk. It's physically very stressful on him." 

        ~ Harry A. Morewitz

18 years old in 1940

Chapter 10:

"Fight For Our Freedom"

Conversation Starters:

  • When referring to JL Morewitz's determination to help the families on the SS Quanza, 18-year-old, Harry A. Morewitz said: "My father's relentless."

    • What does Harry mean? What does relentless mean to you?


    • In the film, Stephen Morewitz says that his grandfather was  "a fighter for the underdog?"

    • What does Stephen mean? What does "fighting for the underdog" mean to you?

  • JL Morewitz was hired to help one family. However, he was determined to save all of the refugees on the ship. There were approximately 86 refugees on the Steamship Quanza in 1940.  How many decedents do you think are alive today because of his actions? 

  • In the film, Simone Neufeld says, "There was a man, an angel, by the name of Jacob Morewitz who came on board." His heroic actions helped save her family. 

    • What is your definition of a hero? 

    • What are some characteristics of a hero? 

    • Who would be considered a hero of yours and why?

  • What is a Maritime Lawyer?

  • What is a Maritime Libel Suite and a Maritime Breach of Contract?

  • In the film, Harry Morewitz says that his father helped Chinese immigrants who were "very badly treated by the immigration authorities."

    • How were Chinese immigrants treated and why?

  • In the film, Harry said, "When my father went down to the docks, US Marshals were standing guard."

    • Why were men standing guard at the ship?

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