Chapter 13:

"A Bittersweet Ending"


Quotes from the film:



Conversation Starters:

  • In the film, Dr. Stephen Morewitz said:

    •  "A few individuals taking a risk can change history."

      • What does he mean by that?

      • Do you know of someone who has taken a risk and stood up for what's right?

      • Have you ever taken a risk and stood up for something you knew was right? 

      • Name some upstanders in the film and why.

  • In the film, Allan Harry Morewitz said:

    • "We had the ability and the capacity to save them and we didn't." ​​

      • What could the United States have done differently to help refugees during WWII?​

      • What do you think the United States should do regarding refugees today?

  • In the film, Irving Redel said:

    • "We survived. 6 million didn't and that is a catastrophe."

      • What did he mean by that? 

      • Are there examples of catastrophes happening today that the US could/should help?

    • Define perpetrator, collaborator, bystander, upstander, and victim.

      • How did each play a role in WWII? 

      • How does each play a role in a specific conflict today?

      • Is a bystander less guilty than a perpetrator and a collaborator?

Dig a little deeper...

  • Why did the US wait until December 7th, 1941, the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor, to get involved in WWII?

  • In 1940, what was the FDR administration's stance on Eastern European refugees trying to come into the country?

  • Why was Assistant Secretary of State Breckenridge Long upset that Patrick Murphy Malin allowed the refugees on the SS Quanza to come ashore? 

  • First Lady Eleanor Rosevelt's intervention helped save these refugees.

    • What role do you think a First Lady should play in our political system today?

  • How did the SS Quanza affect the State Department's policies? 

Dig even deeper...

  • If they were sent back to Europe, how likely would they have ended up in a concentration camp? 

    • What other outcomes could have happened to the people on the ship?​

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