Chapter 3:

"Getting Out Alive"

In Nobody Wants Us Irving says:


“A rush of Jews are leaving the country by car and on foot. Hitler’s becoming more and more powerful.  The French and the English aren’t doing anything to subdue the Germans. We’re leaving with the hopes that the French, the British will counterattack... and somehow, we’ll be able to come back. 

My father wants to go back just to get some of our possessions. But we can’t let him go.  We can’t separate from each other and he can’t take that risk.”

~ Irving Redel, 17 years old in 1940

Discussion Starters:​​​

How would you feel if...

  • Irving said: "My father wants to go back just to get some of our possessions...."  If your family was on the run and one of your family members wanted to go back, what would you do? Do you think Irving's family should have let his father go back and why?

  • If you suddenly had to flee your country and go to one with a new language and customs, how would you feel?


Dig a little deeper...

  • What obstacles might refugees endure if they wanted to escape from Europe in 1940?

  • Why did so many Jews hesitate to leave Europe in the 1930's?

  • Where could these refugees have gone?

  • What are some tactics that the Nazis used to force people out of their homes?

  • When the Nazis dropped the bombs, what were their strategies? (link to more details?)

What Can I do?

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