Chapter 9:

"Will We Be Sent Back"

Quotes from the film:


          Looking through the porthole was my sister, my mother, and I. And my father was on the dock and he was reaching with his hand up to us and the journalist took this photograph.

        ~Annette, 3 years old in 1940

          "My family came here a very long time ago, but they were refugees too. It's only a difference of time between me and the people on that ship. Eventually, they too will be 'patriots'--terrified that a stranger will slip in through the door and take their country away from them."

~ First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt

          "Mrs. Roosevelt called me up and expressed her interest in the children. I’m consistently declining to deviate from the procedure which we had adopted … the fact that these people are on the boat and are nearing the American shore does not constitute an emergency… of any kind."

~ Assistant Secretary of State Breckinridge Long

Conversation Starters: