World War II began with the Nazi’s invading first Eastern, then Western Europe - forcing many refugees to flee.  Three teenage Belgians were among them. Nobody Wants Us is their story. 

Nobody Wants Us is a 43-minute documentary film about three teens and their families escaping war-torn Europe, hoping to be allowed into the US.


     The ultimate goal of these modules is to inspire thought and action in students so that they understand how each of us is a part of creating history.

Purchase the film here or contact us with questions about acquiring the film and/or inviting the filmmaker to speak.

We have divided the film into 14 short clips accompanied by learning modules that can be used as discussion topic guides. Content complies with US Social Studies (SSH), Language Arts (LA) standards of learning (USII.7b, WHII.11d, VUS.11e.) (more)


Chapter 1:

Only a Matter of Time 

Chapter 2:

Leaving Everything Behind

Chapter 3:

Getting Out Alive

Chapter 4:

Will we get Transit Visas?

Chapter 5:

What if Nobody Wants Us?

Chapter 6:

Everyone had Hope

Chapter 7:

Trapped on the Ship

Chapter 8:

Trying to Save the Refugees

Chapter 9:

Will we be Sent Back?

Chapter 10:

Fighting for their Freedom

Chapter 11:

The First Lady and Others Step In

Chapter 12:

Discrimination at Home and in the US

Chapter 13:

A Bittersweet Ending

Chapter 14:

Teenage Commentary & Film Credits