Chapter 5:

"What if Nobody Wants Us"

Quotes from the film:


          “There's a chance that America doesn't want us. Who's to say that we'll be allowed in?"

        ~ Malvina, 11 years old in 1940

“There was a very very strong isolationist tendency in the United States at the time and people didn't want to get involved in the European affairs."

~ Harry, 18 years old in 1940

Conversation Starters:

  • Isolationism is a national foreign policy of detachment from other nations. Why do you think there was a strong isolationist feeling in the United States during World War II?

Dig a little deeper....

  • Why do you think there were hate speeches in the US at the time? How could a person or a group have countered these hate speeches?

Dig even deeper....

  • Look at this Dr. Seuss Political Cartoon that you saw in the film. What are three things that stand out to you?