Chapter 8:

"Trying to Save the Refugees"

Quotes from the film:


          “ My strategy is to delay the ship long enough for the refugee advocates to come down. ”

        ~ JL Morewitz, Virginia Maritime Lawyer

      “Yesterday I received a call that a ship is here with 86 Jewish war refugees who have been denied entry into the United States. While they’re stuck on this ship, the least we can do is try and comfort them with some Kosher meals."

~ Elise Margolies, Norfolk NCJW

Conversation Starters:


  • How could you have helped these refugees in 1940?

  • If you found out that refugees needed help today, what are some things that you and your community could do to help them on a local or national level?

  • How can small acts of kindness make an impact on individual's lives? 

Dig deeper...

  • What are some legal strategies that the lawyer could do to hold the ship at the port?