Watch the Award-Winning 43-minute PBS film Nobody Wants Us with your class between January 24th through 29th.

After watching the full film, our 14 learning modules HERE (modules accessible via password: NWU) may be used to stimulate discussions with your students.

*Content complies with

US Social Studies (SSH), World Geography (WG), and Language Arts (LA) standards of learning.

USII.7b, WHII.11d, VUS.11e, WG.7


"Original illustrations and rarely seen archival footage bring this powerful and timely Holocaust story to life in a new way."

Susan Barocas, Director, Washington Jewish Film Fest

"Nobody Wants Us is both timeless and all too timely."

Michael Berenbaum

Project Director, US Holocaust Memorial Museum

Director, Sigi Ziering Institute, American Jewish University

“I love this film. The University of Miami Holocaust Institute showed it to over 200 Public School teachers of all ethnicities.  The film was so well received and had such an impact on the teachers that they all begged to use it in their classrooms."

Dr. Miriam Klein Kassenoff
Director, Holocaust Institute at the University of Miami, Child Survivor, Author & Film Critic

"Powerful, important & profoundly moving. Nobody Wants Us is an urgent reminder that courage can be as contagious as fear, and much more meaningful."

Blanche Wiesen Cook

Eleanor Roosevelt Biographer, Vol. I, II & III

Professor of History & Women's Studies, John Jay College


In September 1940, three teenagers were trapped on a steamship in the port of Hampton Roads, Virginia. Along with 83 other exhausted refugees, they were hoping to be allowed on American soil — where millions of others in distress had safely landed before them.

Times had changed and America was turning away refugees at this critical time in history. Would these families be turned away too?

Nobody Wants Us is their story.

The relevance of this documentary goes far beyond the historical significance of the Steamship Quanza. It addresses how the United States has responded to these refugees fleeing war-torn Europe and encourages us to consider our reaction to refugees today.

The film and educational modules that accompanying the film reinforce the concept of helping those in need when the world seems against them.

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