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Chapter 1: “Only a Matter of Time”

Topics Covered

Discrimination, racial profiling, and immigration

Quotes From The Film

  • “Some of the kids knocked my head against the wall. And the teachers examined my scalp for lice. They say I’m clean and well-groomed for a Jewish child. They’re calling me “sale juive” which means dirty Jew in French.”

— Malvina, 11 years old in 1939

  • “I haven’t felt the antisemitism until recently. Now Germany is showing more and more hatred towards Jews. My friends and I think it’s just a matter of time that this widespread hatred will come to us here in Belgium, too.”

— Irving, 17 years old in 1939

Put Yourself in Their Shoes

In the beginning of the film, teenagers Simone and Malvina share how they experienced anti-semitism in Belgium. 

  • Decribe how you think Malvina felt about the way students and her teacher treated her.

  • Describe how you think Simone felt about leaving everything behind.

Personal connection...

  • How have you or your family members faced racial, religious, or other kinds of discrimination in the past?

  • If you currently face discrimination in your school or community, how does it make you feel?

What's happening now?

  • What are people doing as individuals and groups to end racial and religious profiling?

  • If you witnessed someone being discriminated against today because of his or her beliefs, what action(s) would/could you take?

  • What are some current-day examples of discrimination that you have witnessed or heard about?

  • If discrimination against a people was an acceptable norm, what would you do?

What Can I Do?

More Information

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