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The Christian Science Monitor

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     “Immigration policy usually speaks to a nation’s values. In her historical documentary “Nobody Wants Us,” the filmmaker wants to “help create empathy for refugees – then and now.””

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The Times of Israel

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     “The story of the Quanza is a timely reminder that individuals can make a difference” - Jason Guberman, The American Sephardi Federation

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The Algemeiner

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     “Nobody Wants Us” tells the gripping true story of how Eleanor Roosevelt … stepped in to save the passengers on board, because of her moral conviction that they were not “undesirables,” as the US State Department labeled them, but rather “future patriotic Americans.”

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The Jewish Voice

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     "The 35-minute film by Laura Seltzer-Duny … intends not only to restore the history of the Quanza after 79 years, but to illustrate the power of individuals to change history and save lives.”