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Be a part of creating a better understanding of the plight of refugees.

Your tax-deductible donation will help us bring this film and 

educational materials to schools throughout the country. 

     Help share this important story with the next generation so that they never forget and take action today. Our goal is to make the Nobody Wants Us Educational Program available to all senior high and junior high schools throughout the United States.

      This film paired with standards of learning-aligned modules enriches the Holocaust curriculum by broadening the context, sharing stories carefully vetted by experts, and providing high-quality content teachers need to engage their students.

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SMF campaign.png

Host Fundraising Screening!


The 43-minute version of Nobody Wants Us has proven to be the perfect length for events -- especially if communities would like to host a discussion and reception afterward. Want to host a screening in your community or school?


Contact us via our company site at:

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