Laura Seltzer-Duny, Director/Producer

Laura Seltzer-Duny spent over 5 years creating this film. She has a special interest in producing social issue documentaries featuring unsung heroes and the people they help. Laura has produced many stories about migration, the plight of refugees and their efforts to resettle. She is an award-winning PBS documentary and educational filmmaker and is based in the Washington, DC area. Laura founded Seltzer Film & Video over 15 years ago and her company has produced hundreds of videos for non-profits and educational institutions. 

Robert Kanner, Editor

Robert Kanner spent countless hours editing alongside the filmmaker to bring her vision into reality. His masterful editing skills helped tell this story in a fresh, new way. He has been producing and editing projects for domestic and international clients for over 39 years. He has worked with USA Today, CBS News, the BBC, MetroMedia and Asgard Entertainment. Robert has received 5 Emmy awards for his work and numerous Telly Awards for excellence in programming. Documentary storytelling is Robert's first love in editing.


Pauline Leger, our film's Watercolor Artist

Pauline Leger hand-painted the numerous watercolor images in Nobody Wants Us from archival images, playing a crucial role in bringing this story to life. She is a mixed media artist and graphic designer who has been in the art industry for over 25 years. She has taught classes in Graphic Design and has designed and illustrated several published books for children and adults. She continues to be inspired by books, nature and stories that connect us to one another. Pauline lives near the ocean, on the east coast of Canada.

Pauline Leger.jpg

Victoria Bruce, Script Supervisor & Researcher

After 4 years of story development, Victoria Bruce masterfully helped us pull our script together for Nobody Wants Us. She has written and produced award-winning documentaries airing on HBO, CBS’s 60 minutes and featured at Sundance Film Festival. She is the author of four books on topics from volcanoes to international politics. Victoria is a skilled media coach with experience in promoting film and book projects as well as small businesses and political campaigns.


Full Credits

Executive Producers:

Stephen Morewitz, Ph.D.
David Morewitz, Esq.


Bob Kanner
Laura Seltzer-Duny

Cast: (in order of appearance)

Simone Neufeld, 13 years old in 1940

Irving Redel, 17 years old in 1940

Annette Lachmann, 3 years old in 1940

Lee Sterling, 3 years old in 1940

Stephen Morewitz, Ph.D., Steamship Quanza Expert and grandson of Jacob L. Morewitz

Kathi Rand, Daughter of Wolf Rand

Dr. Harry A. Morewitz, 18 years old in 1940 and son of Jacob L. Morewitz

David E. Morewitz, Esq., Steamship Quanza expert and son of Jacob L. Morewitz


Tali Kogan
Aaron MacDonald
Nandi Maravanyaka
Rayahah Williams
Eryn Cohen
Shara Mahara
Sydney Konopaske
Evan Johnson
Joseph Olmo

Voice Actors:

Voice of Young Simone Neufeld
Carly McCance

Voice of Young Malvina Parnes
Erin Bailey

Voice of Young Irving Redel
Keiran Law

Voice of Wolf Rand
Rich Orlow

Voice of Sousa Mendes
Chris McCann

Voice of Harry Alan Morewitz
Devin Albert

Voice of Asst. Sec. of State Breckinridge Long
James Tuckett

Voice of Eleanor Roosevelt
Laura Copeland

Voice of J.L. Morewitz, Esq.
Dr. Steven Seltzer
Voice of Elise Margolius
Sally Seltzer

Actor re-enactments based on first-hand accounts of the events.


Laura Seltzer-Duny
Victoria Bruce

Watercolor Paintings:

Pauline Leger


Karin Hayes
Frederic King
Christopher Landy
Laura Seltzer-Duny
Andrew Quinn
Grips & Gaffers:

Austin Cross
Andrew  Sadtler
Chris Ruedy
William Sprueill

Audio Mixer:

Zahid "Zee" Rahman

Graphics Assistants:

Emmaline Powers
Nathan Simms

Assistant Editors: 

Jacqueline Brown
Megan ‘Mia’ Bryant
Nia Gomez
Nathan Simms

Casting Assistant:

Eve Elliott

Production Assistants:

Kristen McDevitt
Tali Kogan
June Fortuno

Archival Photos:

David E. Morewitz, Esq.
Stephen Morewitz, Ph.D.
Dr. Lora Friedman
Victoria Redel
Suzanne Lachmann
Francine Goldenhar
Susan Pachter
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Special Thanks:

Professor Eric Mazur
Victoria Redel
Suzanne Lachmann
David Duny
Marshall & Freida Duny
Steve & Sally Seltzer
Hutson Talent Agency
Polina Semyonova
Dr. David Kenneth Waldman
Frank Lachmann
Peter Lachmann
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Burt M. Morewitz, Esq.
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Duke Rosenberg

Educational Distributor:
New Day Films

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Women in Film & Video, Inc.