Participate in a Virtual Screening! 

Host a Private Screening Party with Friends, Book Clubs & Wine Clubs

  • A private virtual screening party is when you and your friends and/or family watch the film at the same time in your own homes.

  • This is followed by a discussion on Zoom with the film's director.

  • Any individual or family can host a private screening party!

Schedule a Virtual Community Screening

  • Virtual Community Screenings can be attended by up to 100 people. Everyone watches the film at the same time in their homes.

  • This is followed by a discussion on Zoom with the film's director, people featured in our film and subject matter experts.

  • Any community, group or nonprofit can host a screening!

  • Virtual Technical Facilitator is available upon request.

Virtual Screening for your Class

  • Use "Nobody Wants Us" to assist you while virtual learning.

  • This film can be used in History, Government and Legal Classes.

  • Ask us for our discussion topics & study guide.

  • Any class or school can share this with your students!

  CONTACT US about a Virtual Screening!