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Chapter 3: “Getting Out Alive”

Topics Covered

Strategies of war; how war affects individuals and families

Quotes From The Film

  • “My mother was terrified when they started bombing and they were on the road not in the cars. She ran into a ditch with me and covered me with her body."

 — Annette Lachmann, 3 years old in 1940

  • My father wants to go back just to get some of our possessions. But we can’t let him go. We can’t separate from each other and he can’t take that risk.”

— Irving Redel, 17 years old in 1940

Put Yourself in Their Shoes:

Irving said: "My father wants to go back just to get some of our possessions...."  

  • Would you have gone back and why?

Annette and her mother had to run into ditches to dodge the bombs.

  • How do you think 3 year old Annette felt?

  • How do you think you would have felt?

Personal Connection...

  • If your family was on the run and one of your family members wanted to go back, what would you do? 

  • If you suddenly had to flee your country and go to one with a new language and customs, how would you feel?

What's happening now?

  • What are other examples of refugees fleeing for fear of persecution today?

What Can I Do?

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