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Chapter 10: “Fighting For Their Freedom”

Topics Covered

Legal strategies used to help refugees

Quotes From The Film

  • “There was a man, an angel, by the name of Jacob Morewitz who came on board."

— Simone Neufeld, 13 years old in 1940

  •  "The amount of legal work done in the courts is enormous. It's all being done by one man on foot, going from building to building in Norfolk. It's physically very stressful on him."

— Harry A. Morewitz, 18 years old in 1940

Put yourself in their shoes:

  • If you were  Attorney JL Morewitz, how might you have felt about the challenging task of attempting to free these passengers? 

  • Would you have been as determined as he was? Why or why not?

In the film, Stephen Morewitz says that his grandfather was "a fighter for the underdog?"

  • What does "fighting for the underdog" mean to you?

In the film, Simone Neufeld says, "There was a man, an angel, by the name of Jacob Morewitz who came on board." His heroic actions helped save her family.

  • What are some characteristics of a hero?

  • Who would be considered a hero of yours and why?

Dig a little deeper...

In the film, Harry Morewitz, who was 18 years old in 1940, says that his father helped Chinese immigrants who were "very badly treated by the immigration authorities."

  • How were Chinese immigrants treated at this time and why?

  • What is a Maritime Libel Suit?

  • What is a Maritime Breach of Contract?

  • What are some things that deem a vessel unseaworthy?

What's Happening Now:

  • What is an example of an immigration attorney helping present day refugees?

What Can I Do?

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