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Sneak Peek Film Screening of Nobody Wants Us

 PBS film slated to air in September 2020!

Hosted by Patti Kenner & Victoria Redel

Thursday, July 23, 2020

7:00 PM – Zoom “Doors Open”

7:15 PM – Virtual Watch Party: Nobody Wants Us

8:00 PM - Q & A with filmmaker Laura Seltzer-Duny and authors Blanche Wiesen Cook & Victoria Redel

Join us for a virtual screening of this moving 45-minute PBS film, which will be followed by a discussion and Q & A with the filmmaker, Laura Seltzer-Duny, and renowned historian and Eleanor Roosevelt biographer, Blanche Wiesen Cook and award-winning author, Victoria Redel.


Victoria will also be reading an excerpt from her book Border of Truth. This book is loosely based on her father, Irving's escape from Europe, and his journey on the Steamship Quanza. 

  • All tax-deductible donations will be listed in the film credits! 

  • Donations of $250 will receive a complimentary DVD of the film.

  • Donations of $500 and more will receive a complimentary DVD of the film and the Border of Truth book.

  • Donations of $1,800 will also receive a special credit in the PBS film.

Thank you to the Sousa Mendes Foundation, our fiscal sponsor of the fundraiser. 

A ticket confirmation email will include instructions on how to

access Zoom, watch the film, and join the conversation. 


In September 1940, a ship called the Steamship Quanza left the port of Lisbon carrying several hundred Jewish refugees with the hopes of finding freedom. Most of them held life-saving visas. But events went terribly wrong, and the passengers became trapped on the ship because no country would take them in. What happened to the passengers? Nobody Wants Us tells their gripping true story. 


The relevance of this documentary goes far beyond the historical significance of the S.S Quanza. It addresses how the United States has responded to these refugees fleeing war-torn Europe and encourages us to consider our reaction to refugees today. 


The film reinforces the concept of helping those in need when the world seems against them.


Watch our 3-minute film trailer:

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