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TICKET: 4/22/20 Film & Discussion with Temple Emunah YAD Program
  • TICKET: 4/22/20 Film & Discussion with Temple Emunah YAD Program

    Click button above to watch film trailer.


    If you were unable to join us, you're welcome to come to an upcoming screening! 




    VIRTUAL SCREENING of Nobody Wants Us hosted by the The YAD program at Temple Emunah. Followed by discussion with the filmmaker Laura Seltzer-Duny, award-winning PBS Producer.


    TICKET PRICE: $4.99


    In 1940, a ship called the S.S. Quanza left the port of Lisbon carrying several hundred Jewish refugees with the hopes of finding freedom. Most of them held life-saving visas issued by the Holocaust rescuer Aristides de Sousa Mendes. But events went terribly wrong, and the passengers became trapped on the ship because no country would take them in. What happened to the passengers? Nobody Wants Us tells their gripping true story. This is an episode in American history that everyone needs to know.



    • 7:00 PM EST: We meet virtually to say hello via a Zoom link that we'll send to all of the attendees.
    • 7:15 PM EST: We watch the 37 minute film (via link provided during Zoom call.)
    • 8:00 PM EST: After the screening, we will discuss the film, its context and its relevance to today and ourselves.
    • 8:30 PM EST: That's a wrap! ... But just like in the theaters, we welcome folks to stay and mingle a bit :-)


    HASHTAGS for social media (we'd love it if you'd share your thoughts after watching the film!

    #NeverForget #LearnFromOurPast #NobodyWantsUs #SousaMendes #EleanorRoosevelt #SeltzerFilmVideo #HolocaustEducation #USHistory #WorldHistory


    This film was made by independent filmmakers. Please note that reproducing or distributing the film or parts of it without permission is illegal. For School or Community screenings, please contact us at 202-210-4689 or

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